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for prime minister regarding Australia.

In a new third experiment, the particular team tested its hypothesis in a real, ongoing election: your 2014 general election throughout India. Nevertheless what surprised researchers had been the real difference these rankings made: Biased serp's elevated the actual number of undecided voters picking out the favored candidate by simply 48% compared using a control group that will saw an equal mix of both candidates throughout the particular list. the subjects were also chosen being representative in the U.S. Epstein, a study psychologist in the American Institute with regard to Behavioral Analysis within Vista, California, has found out that the larger a new politician ranks about a website involving World wide web research results, the particular much more likely you're to vote with regard to them.

So they will built any fake search results called Kadoodle which returned a set of 30 websites for that finalist candidates, 15 for Tony Abbott as well as 15 with regard to Julia Gillard. "I don't feel that they've overstated his or her claims."

"What we're talking about here is a way of mind manage on the enormous scale that will there is no precedent with regard to in human history." That Will may seem hyperbolic, nevertheless Robert Epstein says it's not an exaggeration. "What they're declaring is, 'Well yes, I start to see the bias as well as that's telling me ... Following recruiting a trial involving 2150 undecided Indian voters, the researchers repeated the particular original experiment, replacing the actual Australian candidates using the three Indian politicians have been really operating in the time. The Actual outcomes of the real life trial were slightly less dramatic--an outcome which researchers attribute to voters' higher familiarity with all the candidates. voting population. most in the Californians knew little with regards to possibly candidate prior for you to the test began, and so the experiment ended up being their particular just real exposure to Australian politics. Extremely couple of topics noticed these folks were becoming manipulated, but people who would were actually more likely to end up being able to vote in series with the biased results. voting population within terms of age, race, political affiliation, as well as other traits. The Particular researchers wanted to determine they might influence whom the Californians could have voted regarding in the 2010 election ... moderate Republicans were one in the most susceptible of just about any group: The Particular manipulated serp's increased the actual number of undecided voters which mentioned that they would choose the particular favored candidate through 80%.. "We anticipate the particular search engine being generating sensible choices," Epstein says. Just what they didn't know was that the internet research engine have been rigged in order to display the outcomes in an investment biased toward one candidate or even the other. Pertaining To example, inside the many extreme scenario, a topic matter would discover 15 webpages along with information about Gillard's platform along with objectives followed by 15 comparable results for Abbott.

As predicted, topics invested far additional time studying Net pages near the top of your list.

"I possess a lot of faith in the methods they've used, and also I feel it's a very rigorously conducted study," says Nicholas Diakopoulos, a computer scientist in the University Or College involving Maryland, Higher Education Park, that was not concerned in the research. the search engine is doing its job.'" 

"In the two-person race, the candidate are only in any position to count upon acquiring 50 % of your uncommitted votes, that is worthless. but merely changing which usually candidate appeared higher within the results nonetheless increased the actual number of undecided Indian voters which

In a new second experiment, the particular scientists repeated the initial test in 2100 individuals recruited online by means of Amazon's labor crowdsourcing web site Mechanical Turk. Together With the particular aid of biased search rankings, a candidate may be in the position to get 90% with the uncommitted votes [in select demographics]," Epstein explains.

In their own first experiment, Epstein as well as colleagues recruited 3 groups of 102 volunteers throughout San Diego, California, who have been generally representative with the U.S. The Actual huge test size--and extra details supplied by users--allowed the actual researchers to always be able to pinpoint that demographics had been the majority of susceptible to search engine manipulation: Divorcees, Republicans, as well as topics which reported low familiarity using the candidates had been among the easiest teams for you to influence, whereas participants who were far better informed, married, or perhaps reported an annual household income among $40,000 as well as $50,000 were harder to be able to sway


2 N.J. suburbanites launch podcast that satirizes life in the New Jersey suburbs -

the new generation," Thompson said. It's a universal story." 

Jessica Mazzola might become reached at town associated with Milkwood that is embroiled in the major controversy - the particular fate of its library. 

Though the story has been depending on (and mocks) local politics, its creators say it features a wider appeal. 

MAPLEWOOD -- looking for any satire involving life throughout suburban New Jersey? look simply no further compared to Maplewood. 

Turner Hall stated the lady thinks it may catch on, because "people like to make entertaining of Jersey." But, even though the two say they poke plenty of enjoyable in their house state in the episodes, it isn't meant being Jersey-bashing.

Thompson said that the 2 felt poking enjoyable at the controversy in Maplewood ended up being "the only truly productive approach to possess this debate."

The two penned the initial 4 episodes of the podcast earlier this year, and recorded these people before a new are living audience at the South Orange performing Arts center as a part of the South simply by South Orange festival in June. "It's with regards to a fresh group regarding people relocating in. Listen to the initial 3 episodes here. 

The satire also touches about gentrification, and redevelopment, Turner Hall added. 

"It's about a town that has a new cultural clash - that old generation vs. "And we stepped back as any result along with realized, 'this will be funny.'" 

"It's in what happens when we begin asking, 'is this really that which usually you needs to always be able to be doing?" 

More episodes of the serial podcast are now in production, both said.

So far, the first 2 episodes get had a range of hundred downloads in iTunes, along with a couple of hundred much more listens about YouTube. 

The cast boasts some Broadway as well as voice over veterans just like David Josefsberg, whom recently performed inside "Honeymoon within Vegas" upon Broadway.

"It's kind of a love letter," Turner Hall said. "We tease it, nevertheless truly we love living here."

The concept for that comedy, writers Marcy Thompson as well as Jenny Turner Hall said, has been inspired through controversies that have sprung up in their hometown more than an agenda in order to redevelop a postal service creating straight into condos. 

The those which own Studio B, a company that produces and promotes a variety of arts projects within the township, has created "Milkwood: A New Lampoonery." Your podcast takes location in a fictional N.J. Adhere To the woman's in Twitter @JessMazzola. Find about Facebook.. The first a pair of episodes have been recently released on iTunes as well as YouTube, and the third came out Thursday. 

"It's this massive fight and in which we had been sort of involved," Thompson said


Tenn. county EMS facing medic shortage due to low wages -


Saving lives as well as rushing in order to emergencies can be a career regarding first responders in Morgan County nevertheless starting pay is simply $9.63 an hour. 2 employees within the last three weeks have gone Morgan County EMS and additionally the outlook pertaining to replacing these people just isn't good.

"I've not had anyone, the medic, for you to utilize in over a new year," stated director Lawrence Potter.

Read total story: Morgan County faces paramedic shortage due to end up being able to less competitive wages

WARTBURG, Tenn. -- the head regarding Morgan County's emergency service department says he's facing a new shortage regarding workers since the county can't afford to be able to supply competitive salaries.


Best podcast episode ever - Mystery Show Case #3: Belt Buckle - Boing Boing

I consider it could be your very best single podcast episode I've heard. truly any magical thing pertaining to youngster to discover inside a gutter. I adore it.



The Mystery Show Podcast is a reveal that helps folks solve everyday mysteries. The Particular belt buckle ended up being inscribed with the name "Hans Jordi." The Actual boy gave your belt buckle to always be able to friend, as well as in which buddy hung on with it for decades. It's wonderful, psychological story, as well as I'm not necessarily going to say anything more about it.

Mystery Display Case #3: Belt Buckle

In the particular 1980s any nine-year-old boy discovered an elaborate belt buckle on a Phoenix street. Inside this episode (which ran throughout June) host as well as co-producer Starlee Kine helps your ex friend, anyone within possession of the belt buckle, attempt to track down Hans Jordi as well as return your belt buckle to him. It were built with a chef's hat, a frying pan together with eggs (painted yellow and also white), the corkscrew, and a toaster together with tiny pieces of toast which pop out when you flick a small switch


Grand opening held for Tuscaloosa Tennis Center in Alberta City - FOX6 WBRC -


Dozens of people gathered for the dedication of the Emily Baker Tennis Indoor tennis facility and grand opening of the Tuscaloosa Tennis Center on Monday.

Supporters think it will play a big role in helping the surrounding community continue recover from the April 27 tornado.

Kids from the Alberta community tried out the indoor courts before the ceremony kicked off. There are three indoor courts and six outdoor courts. Supporters believe they can host tournaments that will bring thousands of tennis players to Tuscaloosa.

The tennis center is about a mile from the University of Alabama tennis facility and is in Tuscaloosa City Councilman Kip Tyner's district. He says that both facilities could be used to lure big tournaments to Tuscaloosa now.

According to Tyner, most of those tournaments want hotels close to the tennis facilities. He said there have already been conversations with one hotel chain and two restaurants about coming in Alberta because of the tennis facility.

"I do believe that with this tennis facility, we're going to see restaurants, we're going to see hotels. We're going to see other things that we've been looking for, for many years come to Alberta. I feel like this is going to make Alberta a place of distinction once again," said Councilman Tyner.

The city gave $2 million and the county provided $1 million as part of a public private partnership. Tyner and Mayor Walt Maddox consider it money well spent if encourages more economic development in Alberta.

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