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I consider it could be your very best single podcast episode I've heard. truly any magical thing pertaining to youngster to discover inside a gutter. I adore it.



The Mystery Show Podcast is a reveal that helps folks solve everyday mysteries. The Particular belt buckle ended up being inscribed with the name "Hans Jordi." The Actual boy gave your belt buckle to always be able to friend, as well as in which buddy hung on with it for decades. It's wonderful, psychological story, as well as I'm not necessarily going to say anything more about it.

Mystery Display Case #3: Belt Buckle

In the particular 1980s any nine-year-old boy discovered an elaborate belt buckle on a Phoenix street. Inside this episode (which ran throughout June) host as well as co-producer Starlee Kine helps your ex friend, anyone within possession of the belt buckle, attempt to track down Hans Jordi as well as return your belt buckle to him. It were built with a chef's hat, a frying pan together with eggs (painted yellow and also white), the corkscrew, and a toaster together with tiny pieces of toast which pop out when you flick a small switch

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